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Using fly ash for construction in acid areas of the Mekong Delta.

On October 5, 2021, the Advisory Council of the Ministry of Construction held a meeting to evaluate and accept the results of the implementation of the scientific and technological task “Research on the use of thermoelectric fly ash for concrete and reinforced concrete works”. saline and acid acid areas – Mekong Delta”, code TD 18-17, chaired by the Institute of Science and Technology. Vice Chairman of the Acceptance Council, Dr. Nguyen Quang Hiep – Deputy Director of Construction Materials Department chaired the meeting.

Report to the Council, Th.S. Uong Hong Son, project leader, said: The Mekong Delta has an important role in the socio-economic development of our country. Due to the characteristics and geographical conditions, the soil environment and the water environment in many parts of the area are affected by salinity and acid alum. The construction works using concrete and reinforced concrete structures in this area are at risk of being corroded by acid and acid erosion, it is necessary to have overall studies to find asynchronous solutions to ensure quality. structural quality and durability by design. However, the research results, standards, and technical guidelines for concrete in specific environments such as acid-acid or acid-acidic areas of the Mekong Delta are still limited. regime. Therefore, the research of the topic is necessary to meet the requirements of practice.

The results of the task include the final report on the topic and the technical instruction “Protecting concrete and reinforced concrete structures in the acidic and acidic environment of the Mekong Delta”.

The summary report shows the results of the research group that have been achieved as well as the main contents of the topic. Specifically, the topic has studied the overview of the level of acid and alum contamination of soil and water in the Mekong Delta; survey the properties of materials used in the research; study the properties of concrete using fly ash; studying the influence of acid and alum environment on the properties of concrete and reinforced concrete; research solutions to synchronize materials, design, and work to improve and protect concrete and reinforced concrete structures in an acidic environment; Compilation of Technical Instructions “Protection of reinforced concrete structures in acidic and alkaline environments in the Mekong Delta”.

Commenting on the task results, two reviewers, Assoc.Prof.Dr. Nguyen Duy Hieu (Hanoi University of Architecture) and Assoc.Prof.Dr. Le Trung Thanh (Director of the Institute of Building Materials – Ministry of Construction) and experts in the Council evaluated: this topic has practical significance, perfecting the technology of concrete production using fly ash and contributing to the treatment of concrete. environmental management. Research results can be transferred to design consultancy units and concrete manufacturing enterprises for construction works that are affected by acid soil, regularly or periodically with acid water.

The Council agreed on the name of the task as “Research on the use of thermal power fly ash and other synchronous solutions to improve the quality and protect concrete and reinforced concrete works in acidic alum areas – River Delta. Kowloon”.

The task has been accepted by the Council with the result of Good.