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Ground granulated blast-furnace slag is a byproduct of the iron and steel production process under the closed blast furnace technology. Thanks to the ultra-fast cooling by high-pressure water, blast furnace slag is a very good active mineral additive for cement and concrete and has been used for a long time in the world as well as in Vietnam. The investment in processing system turning blast furnace slag into building materials becomes a solution to solid waste in iron and steel refining, optimizing the production chain and ensuring environmental safety. Currently, Hoang Son Fly Ash and Cement Joint Stock Company is a strategic distributor of ground granulated blast-furnace slag S75 & S95 of CHC RESOURCES VIETNAM CO., LTD.– BA RIA-VUNG TAU BRANCH. With a 10,000-ton silo system in the south of Ho Chi Minh City and a comprehensive logistic system managed by our experienced transportation team, Hoang Son Fly Ash and Cement Joint Stock Company are committed to fulfilling customers’ needs timely, helping customers to effectively implement their production plans.



  • Application as a highly activated mineral additive for cement production.
  • Easily increase production capacity without additional investment in grinding equipment.
  • Reducing clinker content in cement, thereby reducing CO2 emissions, contributing to environmental protection


  • Can produce durable concrete in seawater, saltwater, and brackish water, prevent the intrusion of chlorine and sulfate, meeting the need to increase the life of the works on the sea, islands and along the coast.
  • Fabrication of low-heat and high-grade concrete used for mass concrete projects, concrete with high flexural and waterproofing resistance.
  • Use for soil pile concrete to treat weak foundations, as materials for ceiling panels, wall panels and sand cement tiles.
  • Lower the cost of commercial concrete as well as contribute to the production of green concrete.